The Tryst Extended Play (EP) is written and composed by Vyper Ranking.

Vyper Rankings back with The Tryst EP

The well-crafted 7-track Love EP is an embodiment of growth, creativity, and a calculated decision to make good music accessible to all my fans regardless of age, gender, and class and more honorably an ultimate answer to Uganda’s new sound.

Unlike most of the body of works published currently, The Tryst EP stands tall as the only dancehall domain of unique songwriting mastery fused with Afro sound in songs like “Gwookya”, and ” Mukwano Gwo” featuring John Blaq with lyrics that evoke emotions as I sing stories of love.

The well-crafted 7-track Love EP is an embodiment of growth and creativity

Serving as my debut collection, this arrives as a statement of my goal from Kireka to the world to seal my position as one of the most significant dancehall voices of my generation. 

Employing different textured dancehall rhythms and afro-sound vibes, The Tryst EP expresses affection, reinforced by my remarkable approach as I recount the joys of romance – it’s an arresting collection.

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“Take it slow” featuring Winnie Nwagi is a poem about trans-generational relationships, and “Bend n’ Pause” featuring Ghanaian Magnom is a summons to the dance floor, yet “Number 1” pairs my quest to a romantic yearning and emotions.

It’s hypnotizing, Track 4, “10 outta 10”, has me admiring an African woman that drives me out of control – It’s supported by an Afro dancehall environment. The diversification in sound comes on to track 6, “Malala” where I employed authentic vibes that will give my enthusiasts an endearing feel of how to love and be loved.

The Reed light, Lady in the background, and the ‘Ateker’ outfit as shown in the official EP artwork characterizes love, intimacy, and my ancestral energy which propels me to create respectively

The Tryst EP offers production credits to Nexo Beats, Bomba Muzik, Malik Make, Artin Pro, and Herbert Skillz.

The dazzling lead guitar was perfectly played by Omega Peter & MugishaRaymond .

The Tryst EP features stars such as Winnie Nwagi and John Blaq