Kizigo champ and bubbly socialite Prima Kardashi believes she is so beautiful after going through a series of bleaching processes to adopt her new look.She is so unapologetic about it and ready to take on social media bullies, who have over the years reminded her that if she wasn’t a proud member of “Twesiige Omuzigo Tushanane Association (TOTA)”, she would be remarkably rivalling Lizzie Velasquez in terms of looks.

Over the weekend Prima shared a series of shots on her social media pages, looking extremely gorgeous. However, one of her ardent followers with user name Carolyn Anneck was quick to attack in the comment section, with an intention of clipping her wings but guess what, mother-of-two cleverly responded to her in rather a polite way.

Carolyn Anneck started by sarcastically apologizing before going hard under her skin; “Am sorry madam Prima the truth z you bleached but still look ugly. Olimubi naye onyilila.” Carolyn stung before crediting Prima’s expensive looks to filters and miraculous bleaching injections, plus her artificial nails.

“Filters nempiso zewekuba okweluka mpozi ne’njala empanvu zikufuula classy naye ela tekijaawo hubanga oli plastic and “URGLY”. So abalunji webaba basimba line teweleeta coz ne’katonda yakunyigila u didn’t appreciate his creativity, wamuyisaamu amaaso,” Carolyn Anneck concluded but her forest of stinging words didn’t serve a purpose as Prima replied to in brief.

“Ndi mulungi kikulume boo,” accompanied with kissing emojis.

This is not the first time the 28-year-old classy socialite is being made a meal to taunt and mock publicly. Earlier this year, her ex-boyfriend, sensational media personality and dance-hole champ, Mr. Henrie claimed that babes who bleach have tasteless beans. Mr. Henrie made the vibrant statement just weeks after Prima knifed him from his bonking role. Many believed it was a subtle attack on his ex.

However, perhaps sensing heavy backlash Henrie explained;

“…it was a general state, because Kappa Kat has a song called ‘Sikyo’. If you have been where I’m most of the time, even before the rumour you are spreading, I have always been using that statement. It is just a vibe, it is a concert… people are saying No, Yes! Unfortunately, maybe it came out wrong for some people because, maybe when I said that there are some people who referred to my relationship,” Mr Henrie stressed while on air, before setting the record straight.

“Let me make this clear, what I said yesterday is not in any way related to my relationship… It was not directed to any one in particular! It was a vibe, different questions. Lwakuba, I want to think that when I said it, it came out wrong for some people and they thought that perhaps I was directing it at someone. Let’s correct this guys, I’m not attacking anyone, I will not go around commenting on people’s sweetness or not… Most importantly, I want to apologise to anyone who maybe feels offended by my statement,” he coiled his tail.

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