Karole Kasita recently announced that she has swallowed a live seed, oh.. she actually did not announce it, nature did.

The diva who is around 6 months pregnant has been working tirelessly to put food on the table, leaving many of her fans worried.

She was expected to put a temporary stop to her performances but she is not ready to do that. “I am not leaving the stage anytime soon. I will perform until I can’t. I want to secure the bag. I will perform till the day I will give birth.” hard-working Karole Kasita said.

Karole Kasita is expected to perform at the biggest end-of-year bash, Galaxy Fm’s Zzina Fest alongside other artists like Eddy Kenzo, Fik Fmaeica, B2C, and others.

Once Karole Kasita drops tot, she will qualify to the long list of musicians to have defied the odd, ate things live and put to bed.

Others known to have gone through where Karole Kasita is going through include Rema Namakula, Juliana Kanyomozi and Vinka among others. Internationally, the list includes Rihaana.

In 2021, Juliana told local media that motherhood is not all rosy.

Juliana says, it wasn’t all rosy in the last years particularly because of the stress and challenges brought about Covid-19 pandemic which also claimed lives of two of her relatives.

Despite these depressing times, the singer said she has always found comfort in her new baby.

“In all of that, I think for me, my real light, my little corner where I would go and hide and get my joy is my baby.”