Without a doubt, there is too much joy in welcoming a mini you into this world. It even gets better when you do at an age when not many were expecting you to. Veteran radio personality, James ‘Fatboy’ Onen, 47; has confirmed welcoming a baby girl. Onen’s girl was born Thursday, and named Suhana. Its mother remains the radio man’s business. However, the assumption is that both the baby and its mother are well. Onen, however, is largely known for dissing babes.

Now, he has the gender under his own roof. Some time ago, when there was a father’s cheating scandal exposed on the social media by his family (largely the girls), Onen described girls as “adorable when they are still young.”

“The girl child has had the last laugh. Not only did they ‘lure’ you, they also birthed another member through your hard work,” Jonathan Ochom replied Onen’s tweet.

In one of his tweets Saturday morning, he asked singer Maurice Kirya for tips on growing a girl.

“I have no idea. I’ll need tips from you on how to raise a girl,” Onen tweeted.

Now, we can peacefully wait for Karole Kasita!

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