About a fortnight ago, Rema Namakula‘s charming prince and hubby, Hamza Ssebunya paid pilgrimage to Mecca, Saudi Arabia, the holiest city for Muslims.

Soon after learning about his holy journey, social media in-laws had a field day suggesting how Hamza is free to hook up another woman (Hakki) since he is now a certified hajji.

However, on jetting back into the country, the thick bearded celebrity boyfriend was quick to trash talk in a private party held at his residence in Namugongo, on Tuesday, January, 3.

In his speech, Hamza, 41, was in full praise of stunning bae, Rema Namakula, going an extra mile of revealing her bedroom nickname (Mona Lisa) to the guests in attendance.

“…While in Mecca I prayed that God answers all prayers but what I didn’t pray for is getting another wife. I cannot add another woman onto Rena because I am content with what I have,” Hamza promised as Rema and the guests cheered on.Watch the video of Hamza’s speech in the video below– Credit, SK Media


Hamza snatched Rema from the 2022 Grammy Award nominee and 2015 BET Award winner, Eddy Kenzo in 2017. Rema sneaked and moved in 2018 before two lovebirds legalized their fairytale in 2019.

In 2021, they welcomed their first bundle of joy, Aaliyah Ssebunya.

What is the purpose of the pilgrimage to Mecca?

The hajj is a pillar of Islam, required of all Muslims once in a lifetime. It is a physically demanding journey that Muslims believe offers a chance to wipe clean past sins and start anew before God. Pilgrims seek to deepen their faith in the hajj, with some women adopting the head covering known as the “hijab.”