Precious Remmie a.k.a Ray P continues to show up a brave face amid rumours her Muzzinyi, Raymond Bindeeba dumped her.

Remmie introduced Bindeeba to her parents home mid-last year in a classy ceremony.

The Kwanjula ceremony which was reportedly bankrolled by the media personality took place in Kawanda Kanyogoga Wakiso District where her parents reside.

After the couple’s mega step to legalise their bonk-ship, Precious Remmie, in rather a jubilant mood, rushed to her socials and posted a series of lovey-dovey photos to somewhat clap back at her haters. However, at the dawn of the New Year, she talked less and less of him until news of their split was brought up this week.

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Sources close to the couple tipped us that when Bindeeba left the country for the States, he ran and dived into his ex’s open arms. Apparently, Bindeeba and the ex live under the same roof and that their midnight duties have been quite remarkable.

When the findings were put to Precious Remmie, she claimed she wasn’t bothered by the swirling rumours. 

In one video, she is seen dancing to Madox Sematimba’s Omuyimbi. She captioned it: “Hey guys thanks for following me and of course liking. we have made 2m likes today now let me dance for u. Keep up the great work.”

In the comment sections, the reactions were mixed. In another video shared Monday, she captioned: “Banange guys don’t forget to take some water because the sun is too much, I don’t want to see anybody dehydrated,”

Taking a thorough check through her Instagram page, we have landed on her latest photos, in which she proudly flashes her diamond engagement ring amid claims she’s nursing a broken heart courtesy of Bindeeba.

Donning a simple blue and white dress, with blue designer shades, Precious Remmie poses for the snap, lifting her arm up just to make sure that the ring is visible.

“In a world full of hate reciprocate love,” she captioned the post.