Like most people ask when Valentine’s Day is approaching, “Valentine is coming, where is your boyfriend”. We are here to save female Bazzinyi from the hustle of that question.

Here is the list of top Kampala hot looking men whose plots of land have no ownership, when you hook up one of them, be assured that you won’t be beaten like Pretty Nicole.

1. DJ Nimrod: Topping the list is our very own DJ Nimrod aka Nyamuga master, the self proclaimed love doctor is likely to spend the upcoming Valentines day single just like the past valentines days. Want to catch a vibe with him on the Lover’s day? You know where to find him, Zzina towers wekigwela.

2. Allan Toniks: The RnB star Toniks, real name Allan Ampaire, makes it to our list with ease. When you listen to his songs, you can easily come to the conclusion that he has someone warming him during the cold nights. 

3. Dj Slick Stuart: Slick Stuart is one of the celebrated city casanovas. Over the years, the spinmaster has dated some of Kampala’s top socialites. DJ Slick Stuart’s looks leave most Kampala babes wishing they could have a piece of his big ‘Mugo gwa Musa’. For the females that want to try their luck, you can find him at most lit Kampala bars.

4.  Shafik Nekambuza: Shafick is a brand manager at Next Media, His unmistakable deep voice really sets him apart and has earned him a place in the hearts of many hot Kampala babes. Despite his high-flying media career, Shafik is a bit of a mystery when it comes to his personal life. He’s not one to be seen at all the hot spots around town, but that only adds to his allure. Rumors are flying that he’s currently on the market, and we have to say, we’re intrigued. Could the perfect match be out there? Only time will tell.

5. Chozen Blood: Being the sharp shooter he claims to be, One would think that Chozen Blood is into a stable relationship but its not the case.

6. Mr Henrie: From Prima’s break up, the famous Muzzinyi and love doctor talina agamba. Bazzinyi can kwetega, you never know.

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Others on the list are Mr. Mosh, Jeff Kiwa, Jajja Iculi and Roger Otis

List compiled by Victor Yo