Apparently, Mr Henrie was not attacking his ex-girlfriend, Prima Kardashi, when he said; “Omukazi  eyeyelusa nyo abeera tawooma?” He is out here clearing the air.

While hosting the Rolex Festival at Lugogo Cricket Oval on Sunday, Mr Henrie left the crowd in utter shock, when he sensationally disclosed that women who bleach ‘have cold and tasteless beans’. Many believed that the budding ‘Midmorning Tukoone’ presenter was indirectly hitting at his ex-girlfriend, Prima, who is a renowned proud member of ‘Twesiige Omuzigo Tushanane Association’ (TOTA).

Even the mother-of-two clearly thought that indeed the subtle diss was meant for her. The yellowish brown mama, who is in her early 30’s was quick to respond via her Facebook page, labelling Henrie ‘stupid’ and threatening to put him to shame.

“I don’t always tolerate stupid people, but when I do, I’m probably at work,” she posted on her wall.

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On learning about Prima’s response, the dreadlocked Muzzinyi succumbed to pressure, claiming that his statement about ‘kizigo women’ wasn’t in any way personal. The 27-year-old presenter further explained that it was just a mere ‘stage vibe’ and that he was surprised at how the public had perceived it.

“…it was a general state, because Kappa Kat has a song called ‘Sikyo’. If you have been where I’m most of the time, even before the rumour you are spreading, I have always been using that statement. It is just a vibe, it is a concert… people are saying No, Yes! Unfortunately, maybe it came out wrong for some people because, maybe when I said that there are some people who referred to my relationship,” Mr Henrie stressed while on air, before setting the record straight.

“Let me make this clear, what I said yesterday is not in any way related to my relationship… It was not directed to any one in particular! It was a vibe, different questions. Lwakuba, I want to think that when I said it, it came out wrong for some people and they thought that perhaps I was directing it at someone. Let’s correct this guys, I’m not attacking anyone, I will not go around commenting on people’s sweetness or not… Most importantly, I want to apologise to anyone who maybe feels offended by my statement,” Mr Henrie coiled his tail.

Watch the Muzzinyi clearing the air below;

Meanwhile, Prima seems to be still itching. Through her wall, she revealed; “Nkaawa okusinga ekigajji,” a statement believed to be a forewarning towards Henrie not to cross the red line.