Prima Kadarshi undoubtedly still has a bone to pick with baby daddy, Geosteady and she’s ready to go for a kill whenever she gets a chance to talk.

In her latest interview with Galaxy TV’s Rewind Crew, Prima left no stone unturned as she revealed how she is the reason why Geosteady is still doing music.

The proud mother-of-two disclosed that at one point, Geosteady intended to quit music and flee to the United States after detecting that his music career wasn’t doing well but she talked him out of it!

Prima said that she was in Dubai at the time, and the RnB crooner was in the States, where he had travelled for a performance.

With so much zeal and determination to save her baby daddy’s career, Prima says she availed herself as vixen and featured in the Sembera video, a move she says has since resurrected the singer, musically.

She adds that initially, Geosteady had planned that his girlfriend Hindu Kay features in his ‘Sembera’ song.

As if that weren’t enough, Prima added, she also assisted in planning the successful Dine with Geosteady event.

She nevertheless expressed her displeasure with Geosteady for failing to show her gratitude and for openly degrading her.

Watch the full interview below;

Meanwhile, in his response Geosteady claims he regrets ever bonking the bubbly socialite. He took to his socials and dropped the bombshell.