As we report this, all the taunting posts on Prima Kardashi’s Facebook page directed to baby daddy, Geosteady, are deleted!

On Wednesday, Social Media in-laws were treated to free drama championed by Prima and she launched endless attacks towards the father of two kids, Geosteady. This was after the singer shared a Valentine note, in which he asserted that he only loves his partner in passion, Hindu K, under the sun, something which irked Prima.

In retaliation, Geosteady fought back and exposed the bubbly socialite and went on to hint about her endless trips to Dubai, Malaysia and Thailand.

Soon after Geosteady made that insinuating statement, Prima rushed and pulled down all posts in which she stings the singer.

In the same vein, the Sembera star also did the same but here is the good news for those who might have missed out…We have all the screenshots!

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Today morning (Thursday), Geosteady has posted a remorseful post, apologising for shaming the mother of his kids. He also promised to drop new music on Friday.

“Today I come in white, I come in peace. I’m sorry about Yesterday, Allah knows I’ve always been a Good man despite what people have pushed me through. 2023 I like who likes me. The most ugly song as said, “NJAGALA GWE” audio and Video dropping this Friday.”