Construction of Jose Chameleone’s latest mansion stands at 95% completion progress.

The music legend, who recently had his Gwanga Mujje concert postponed to February, 24, after ‘Africanacity Engineered’ heavy rains mixed with unreal strong winds destroyed the stage, has updated his fans on the progress of his mansion located in the Akright Estates, along Entebbe road.

The dad of seven, who resides in his Seguku based home, can’t wait to shift to his double storey house that has so far consumed millions. Chameleone first unveiled this mega structure in 2016, after facing criticism when he splashed an eyewatering amount of dime on the then trendy Nike Air Mag shoes.

As away of hitting back at his critics, the star singer took to his social media platforms and posted;

“Don’t stay home waiting for heavens to find you in your sitting room discussing other people’s achievements because miracles came like that in Jesus’s time!!!”

“We are a generation where nothing like stones turns into bread. Young people should wise up and work so hard so their sweat bears fruits now!!!”
Thanks to the almighty God.” In this picture below another construction, “CHAMELEONE INVESTMENTS”
“Good financial discipline from a dedicated Ugandan Tax Payer.”

The singer now brags of his Seguku home, Bweyogerere apartments, Akright house and his two cribs in the states.

Meanwhile, the 42-year-old music legend has a brand new song titled ‘Gwanga Mujje’. In this typical Afrobeat song, Chamili preaches Unity, love and working hard- a typical Chameleone song with rich message.

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Listen to Gwanga Mujje and scale it out of 10: