Daniella and the kids already shifted to the new bigger crib which Chamili bought this year in June.

In around August 2019 music legend, Jose Chameleone, real names bought his first crib in Minnesota, United States.

This was after he relocated his wife Daniella Atim and all the five kids; Abba Marcus, Alpha, Shyne, Christian and the last born, Amani. Chameleone explains that he decided to move his family after his two kids, Alpha and Abba, who is a talented swimmer secured a scholarship in the states.

The Star singer bought his first house in US in 2019

He says coughed about USD 250000$ to secure the 7 bedroomed house where his family has been living since then.

Chamili buys another bigger house, still in Minnesota, US…

After realizing his dream, the talented musician whose successful music career spans for 2 decades again purchased another bigger crib still in Minnesota. He completed its full payment in May, this year and says it costed him about USD 300000$- USD 500000$.

Daniella, kids enjoying the space of their new home in US

Chamili broke the news while watering down the comparison made by critics and fans between him and Diamond Platnumz.

The comparison between the two was ignited after Diamond purchased two Cardillac Escalade and a Rolls Royce within one month.

“…i saw someone comparing me to Diamond just because he had bought a brand new Rolls Royce but i want you to know that i also bought two houses in USA! Each of us have priorities in life and it is not bad. You can go and google about how expensive it is to purchase a house in US…Prices range from 300,000 and beyond. If i wanted to buy a Rolls Royce instead of a house i would afford it”, he fussed.

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His family shifts to the new home

Chamili’s wife Daniela and kids shifted in June to their new home

Now from what we have gathered, Daniella Atim and the kids already shifted to the new bigger crib in June, this year. The mother of five has since been happily sharing pics via Instagram as she enjoys the spacious home.

Sources within Leone Island camp tip us that the couple rented off the first crib to mint some dollars.

Meanwhile Chamili is still recovering from Pylori under doctors watch at his home in Sseguku.

Daniella and the kids already shifted to the new bigger crib in June, this year.