Music legend Jose Chameleone claims he owns two houses in United States and he waters down comparisons made between him and Diamond Platnumz.

About two months back, Tanzanian singing sensation, Diamond Platnumz purchased two brand new Rolls Royce and a Cardilac Escalade.

When the news about his new acquisitions reached here in Uganda, fans started drawing comparison between Diamond and our own artists.

A sections of fans started ridiculing, mocking and advising artists like Chameleone, Bebe Cool, Eddy Kenzo and other to emulate the Tetema star.

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The mocking intensified when their nemesis Bobi Wine took to his Facebook page and branded them beggars after they met up with Gen. Saleh in Gulu a fortnight back.

According to fans, the ‘Gulu meeting’ was proof that Chamili and Bebe are struggling financially because they lack substantial investments.

But while speaking in a interview with a local TV station yesterday, Chamili watered down the comparison made between him and Diamond.

He claimed that those soiling his name are just haters who don’t know how wealth he is. He further added that where as Diamond Platnumz decided to buy flashy cars, he (Chamili) also bought two houses in United States which go for about 300,000USD to 500000USD!

“…i saw someone comparing me to Diamond just because he had bought a brand new Rolls Royce but i want you to know that i also bought two houses in USA! Each of us have priorities in life and it is not bad. You can go and google about how expensive it is to purchase a house in US…Prices range from 300,000 and beyond. If i wanted to buy a Rolls Royce instead of a house i would afford it”, he explained.

In 2018, Chamili bought his first crib in Minnesota where his family is currently staying.

One of Chamili house in Minnesota