Chameleone’s brand new G63 Mercedes Benz is apparently super comfortable enough!

Y’all know music Legend, Joseph Mayanja a.k.a Jose Chameleone, is a big lover of big flashy rides.

Chameleone’s brand new G63 Mercedes Benz

Over the years, the Leone Island boss has paraded big toys such as Cadillac Escalade, BMW, Mercedes Benz, a Toyota Landcruiser V8, Range Rover, and Mustang, among others.

Well, his fleet is now bigger after adding a G63 Mercedes Benz rode valued at approximately UGX500 million.

The 42-year-old musician, who is currently in the United States, having a good time with his family, took to his social media platform and unveiled the German-made monster machine with a caption, “Keep winning. Never stop winning #G63.”

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Some of his followers, however, argue that he was just posing with his friend’s car. He cannot afford it.

How good is G63 Mercedez Benz?

According to car experts, A 577-hp twin-turbocharged V-8 engine gives the G63 incredible performance, and its posh cabin offers all the modern amenities we’ve come to expect from a top-spec Mercedes. A host of infotainment and other tech features that would have seemed like science fiction to the designers of the original truck are standard.

The G63 may well have a 5461cc, twin-turbocharged, AMG, V8 that produces 563bhp and 560lb ft. of torque, but to shift that much bulk in such a short space of time is exceptional. Its top speed of 209kph is equally as astonishing.

How comfortable is Mercedes G63?

Mostly it’s comfortable enough, but with a certain bounciness that’s not uncomfortable, yet reminds you of the original G-Wagen. This is also a car that’s been brought bang up-to-date with the latest technology.