Back on the throne, Ebubu & Tsatsii (Royals) return for a second stint as #BBTitans Head of House (HoH). After being named Tails of House last week and nominated for eviction for the first time, the duo was back in good form … but only for a hot second.

Against Biggie’s rules, Tsatsii was found discussing her eviction nomination preferences and conspiracies with housemates rather than making use of the hour to have pairs canvass for her and Ebubu’s veto power to be used in their favour. Consequently, the Royals lost their HoH privileges – no veto power or immunity.

Joining them for possible eviction this week: Juiovla (Juicy Jay & Olivia), Juvone (Justin & Yvonne), Kaniva (Blue Aiva & Kanaga Jnr), Khosicle (Khosi & Miracle OP) and Yelisa (Nelisa & Yemi Cregx).

After an emotional discussion with Biggie about nominations, Olivia went against her partner Juicy Jay’s wishes. While visibly emotional in the diary room, Biggie confirmed whether Juiovla was sticking with their initial nomination of Blaqboi & Ipeleng (Blaqleng) and Kaniva: “Olivia, why are you crying?” “I wasn’t supposed to nominate Blue Aiva (Kaniva) but my partner forced me to,” she responded and then switched their nomination to Blaqleng and Yelisa unbeknownst to Juicy Jay.

As part of this week’s challenge, the remaining 16 housemates competed in two rounds for the title of house leader. While blindfolded and guided by their partner, housemates were expected to drop a coloured ball through a tube into a matching bin during round one. As printed on the tube, every successful drop earned designated points for the teams. The two teams with the highest scores – Blaqleng and Royals – moved on to the next round.

During A Game of Luck, Blaqleng and Royals were tasked with choosing a table from among a number of those in the room with domes. One of the objects hidden beneath the domes would reveal this week’s HoH. Thanks to Tsatsii’s streak of luck, the Royals were victorious, albeit very briefly. For their dismal performance during round one of the challenges, Juiovla were named Tails of House.

This week’s HoH and nominations took an unexpected turn, putting things on the boil in Biggie’s house.

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