Among declares wealth

The Speaker of Parliament, Rt Hon Anita Among has followed due protocol and declared her wealth to the Inspectorate of Government.

Articles 233 (2) and 234 of the Constitution of Uganda and Section 4 of the Leadership Code Act, 2021, require government officials and political leaders to declare to IGG their incomes, assets and liabilities every two years during the month of March.

Among met with officials from the Inspectorate on Monday and called on them to ensure all targeted government officials are properly investigated. She also encouraged her colleagues in parliament to follow suit and ensure transparency.

“I implore the IGG to go beyond the ceremonial declarations and do a thorough verification of the declared assets to ensure stolen money is not hidden in the declarations. I request Honorable Members of Parliament and staff of the Parliamentary Commission to follow suit and comply with the Leadership Code Act. As servants of the people holding offices in public trust, we are duty bound to promote a culture of transparency and accountability,” she said.

Among declares wealth

She further stated that “corruption is a vice that has eaten our society and billions of public funds are lost every year, denying the citizens opportunities and service delivery.”

The Inspector General of Government (IGG) Beti Kamya gave government leaders an ultimatum of 31 days during the month of March to declare their wealth.

Kamya said the exercise will run from March 1 and close on  March 31 noting that any leader who will not have declared by March 31 will be in violation of the law.

Those expected to declare assets include elected political leaders from sub-county level up to President.  Others are those appointed by the President such as permanent secretaries, heads of public institutions, board members of public institutions, and executive leaders of political parties.

In case of non-declaration, under declaration, over declaration and falsification of facts in declaration of assets, the sanctions include;  fines, demotion, dismissal from office, and confiscation of illicitly acquired assets.

A total of 24,000 officers are expected to declare wealth within the specified period.