Rema‘s dark feet excite Netizens as VAR strikes again

Slay queens’ beauty standards today are largely generated by the celebrities that we’re exposed to on social media streets.

However, the major distinction between today’s beauty standards compared to previous generations is that the standards are generated by faces that don’t actually exist. Yes, you read it right! 75% of the gorgeous faces you see online are proudly manufactured by face-altering filters.

What do these filters do? filters overwhelmingly tend to alter your face in the following way: They make you appear to have bigger eyes, a thinner face, a pointy chin, a small nose, and clear skin. Often these filters tend to look synthetic, but as of late, filters have continually become more realistic, making these unrealistic, digitally-created beauty standards all the more seemingly attainable. 

One thing they forget are the downer parts, most especially the legs. You too might have bumped into such photos of presumably juicy babes so often while scrolling in your news feed.

Trust the Online VAR for it never disappoints! Netizens have always smocked out babes whose faces are miraculously molded by filters and fine-tune their upper skin color.

The latest to have been caught off guard is none other than angelic songbird, Rema Namakula. Having landed on one of her freshest photos chilling with Spice Diana, Netizens have noticed that Mukyala Doctor’s face is actually lighter than her feet.

One observant Netizens, Rahmahmramz, rushed to the comment section and wrote; “Me eyes on rema’s legs, why is their colour not matching with the rest of the body cameraman tetulikusonyiwa.”

Chubby Jowella also noticed the same; “Why is it that Rena’s legs and face don’t seem to be looking alike is it my eyes oba. can someone clear my sight please”

Princelevin also joined the conversation; “But it’s Rema’s legs and face that made my night. Uganda flag is well represented at women’s day”

Ramaboy_ayo spotted the same; “Am I seeing rema wearing someone’s feet. Temunkuba jct I love vawolensi naye gwe tolaba bigere nti byeru ku face,”