Grammy Award Nominee Eddy Kenzo and Bobi Wine have not shared a cup of tea for over two years now. The once good friends fell out in 2020 and none of the two is willing to kowtow because they both seemingly have big egos.

The tension was evident last year when Zex Bilangilangi invited both of them to grace his Hercules 10 Times Album Listening party at Exo Lounge.

Presumably, Kenzo had honoured Zex Bilangilangi’s invite and came through to share some love, little knowing that Bobi Wine would also come through.

No sooner had the NUP darling stepped in the building than Kenzo traced the exit!

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That’s the closet the two have shared the same breathing space. Recently, the self-styled Ghetto gladiator bragged about being the best of the best amongst the ‘Big Three’ (Him, Chameleone and Bebe Cool). His statement didn’t settle down well with Kenzo, who has come out to scold him.

Eddy  explained in an interview that music speaks louder than words and whoever claims to be number one should prove it musically. According to Kenzo, Bobi Wine should not claim the title without even working for it. Kenzo mentioned that he has no time for small talk but would rather judge Bobi in regards to his music.

“You can’t call yourself number one in everything. I don’t have time for such small talk. I am focused on releasing music, so if you claim to be the best, prove it to us musically,” he said.

Kenzo earlier on mentioned  that the musician is a hypocrite who backstabs others for selfish reasons and uses all those close to him just to be in the spotlight and look good to the public.