Sheilah Gashumba is out here advising the grandsons of Adam to get new wives if the ones they have don’t lavish praise on them like how Rema does her hubby, Hamza Ssebunya.

The self-styled Lil Stunner made the statement after getting blown away by the way Rema talked about Hamza in her recent interview.

Rema was first in a relationship with Eddy Kenzo, which lasted for six years. The pair even have a beautiful daughter together. However, Rema says they both agreed on terminating the relationship after it failed to work out.

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Soon after, the angelic songbird dived into Hamza’s open hands in 2019 and she immediately introduced him to her parents. Since then, it has been all rosy for them. She has often lavished praise on Hamza with so much pride.

Before, Rema couldn’t talk much about Eddy Kenzo but for Hamza, she goes all out to praise him. The two now have a daughter together and it is reported that she is expecting another child.

According to Sheilah Gashumba, Rema is one of the women that are truly in love and know how to praise their men.

The socialite said every man deserves a wife like Rema. The one with a wife who can’t talk about them like how Rema talks about Hamza should leave them.

“If your wife doesn’t talk about you like how REMA speaks about her husband and love story!! Hmmm you need a new wife,” Sheilah Gashumba tweeted.

It should be noted that Sheilah Gashumba too is in a relationship but she doesn’t speak much about her boyfriend Rickman Manrick.