Big Size Bebe Cool claims he is more loaded than nemesis, Bobi Wine… and he is willing to prove him wrong!

Last month during a presser held at his One Love Beach in Busabala, Bobi reignited the battle of supremacy, which spans over 15 years when he yet again bragged about being the only bull in the kraal.

Bobi, donning his designer Puma outfit and full of swag told the press that not Chameleone or Bebe Cool can dare touch his beard musically, financially and academically, a statement which has since rubbed his competitors the wrong way.

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On Tuesday while conducting an interview, Bebe Cool had to retaliate! Bebe Cool indicated that he has a lot of assets and Bobi Wine can never be better than him in terms of finances.

He believes Bobi Wine accumulated some good money after joining politics but he is nowhere close to him.

“I am richer than Bobi Wine and if he says that he has more money, let him present everything he has in his name and I will do so as well. He just got some money after joining politics but before he only had Busabaala and his Magere home,” he said.

The controversial Gagamel boss believes he is the richest musician in East Africa followed by Chameleone and Bobi Wine.