Bebe Cool believes he is still the undisputed leading musician in Uganda, a position he has never held, according to his doubters.

A section of music analysts and entertainment pundits note that much as Bebe is an established artist, who has been in the game for the past two decades, he has never been the leading star in the country. The likes of Selector Williams, Douglas Lwanga, James Propa among others, have always named music legend, Jose Chameleone as the biggest and most selling star of all time, a statement they back with solid facts.

However, Big Size Bebe Cool claims he has the numbers…and numbers don’t lie! He says he is the most outstanding music champ and has made an unmatched indelible mark on the music scene.

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The controversial Gagamel boss brags about having a forest of classic hit songs to his name, which fans are still enjoying to date. 

Earlier this week, while responding to fans, who were begging him to drop some new songs, he reasoned that he is not supposed to release music under pressure. He said his old music is still fresh in people’s ears.

“Listen, I am still the leading artist in the land. Musicians like me, at our level, we don’t panic anymore because we are already there. Wherever I go, they ask me to sing the older music rather than the new, so I’m in no rush to release new music, but, of course, it will come because this is a new market and we have to continue because my work is to sing,” Bebe, 44, said while performing at a Kampala night club.

According to Bebe Cool, whose new song ‘TikTok’, is failing to hit the ground rolling, he has invested a lot of time in his new album that he is about to release.

“I have to drop an album, but again, it has to be worth the time, and secondly, there is no pressure at all. Like I told you, I am the undisputed king and my position is not threatened,“Bebe Cool roared.