Zzinacologist Hamza Ssebunya has disclosed that he is soon walking bae, Rema Namakula, down the aisle. Massive news, right?

Having successfully harvesting Rema from Grammy Award nominee and BET Award winner, Eddy Kenzo’s swanky Sseguku home, the two lovebirds are somewhat bonking smoothly and enjoying the ride.

And the mere fact that he and Rema moved one step closer to legalizing their bonkship on November 14, 2019, as the songstress introduced Dr. Hamza to her parents in Nabbingo, surely no body ‘gambayo’!

In fact, their jolly midnight duties paid off as they welcomed Aaliyah Ssebunya, who is Rema’s second kid.

In one of his interviews with the press recently, the thick bearded bonk champ, Hamza, revealed that he is aware that they haven’t held their wedding yet, they are planning to do so shortly.

“You all know we only and successfully held an introduction ceremony. The wedding is in pipeline any time from and my wife knows it,” a very relaxed Hamza disclosed.

Speaking of his relationship with Kenzo, Hamza noted that there is no bad blood between them no matter what happened.