Just when we thought Shakib Lutaaya’s role in his marriage was to cook, hit the gym and wait for her to decide when to hit the bedsheets, he is different.

In fact, he is a total man, in the Luganda sense of the word. According to Zari, she has severally received a telling off from the 32-year-old Shakib following her on-screen behavior.

Zari reveals that her hubby was not happy about the Netflix reality show Young, Famous and African where Zari was casted for the second season.


Zari and Fantana (Diamond’s new catch) had a back and forth on the show over Diamond Platnumz, who is Zari’s ex.

When asked if her husband had a problem with the show, Zari said; “He minds. But you know, he’s very understanding. He sat me down and told me ‘Look my wife, you need to be careful, next time try to avoid this and that.”

On the reality show, Zari was disappointed that Diamond discussed her with his new catch.

“I was not jealous of that girl, my problem is with my baby daddy Diamond, sitting with another woman discussing me, I respect Diamond so much, he is the father of my kids and we are always going to have this relationship, but if you sit and discuss me and give the other person the confidence to abuse me that is where you cross the line,” Zari said. 

“I can’t sit down with my husband right now and start discussing Diamond, never. Diamond could have just seduced this girl without using my name and I know it’s possible,” she noted.