Shortly after exchanging marital vows with her husband Shakib Lutaaya in South Africa earlier this week, Zari Hassan sent out a warning once again to women who might still be harboring interest in her man.

Such women, the Ugandan socialite said, might admire the outward bliss they see between her and her husband, but not care to know how it came about in the first place.

There are people out there who tell me that I am going to lose my man because I am older than him, but let me tell you; men know who they want,” she said in a TikTok video.

Some women, you have the tendency to chase after other people’s men because of the romance you see with them.

Some of you had never heard about Lutaaya, but now that he’s with me all of a sudden everyone develops interest in him. You want to be with him not because you truly love him but because he’s with me.

“But the truth is, I can hand you my man right now and he will not give you what he’s giving me or treat you the same way. If you steal him; because the connection is not there, you might not get what I have built with him.

Zari sounded the warning hours after her wedding with Lutaya which was attended by her friends, family and colleagues.

The wedding was also filmed by Netflix’s crew behind the Young, Famous, and African series and is expected to feature in the season.

Meanwhile during a TikTok stream last night, Zari was asked by fans about her honeymoon, which she said is not planned at the moment because they are busy with the Young, Famous, and African.