She is known as the Boss Lady and indeed she’s making boss moves.

The latest information we are receiving is that Zari is planning a big wedding with his fiancée Shakib Lutaaya very soon, and interestingly, she is planning on employing Ugandans only for this wedding.

“Zari is planning on flying over 50 service providers to South Africa for her wedding. The chefs, ushers, decorators, among others, will be from Uganda and she will be meeting all the costs,” said a close source to Zari.

The classy socialite and bonkmate Shakib Lutaaya, tied the knot in a private Nikah ceremony in Pretoria, South Africa on April 16 this year, but she wants to have it bigger and better.

The mother-of-five revealed that the Nikah arrangement lasted between 24 to 48 hours.

Zari says they informed the relevant family members, who attended the event to watch the pair take this important step in their lives.

Zari maintained that their Nikah sat down well with very many people, who wished them well in their marriage, yet there is a section of critics that claimed that the couple performed the ceremony under duress.