Wakiso Dance kids foundation was founded on August 8 2018, with the state purpose of utilizing talents to change lives and among these, dance being the sole foundation, drama, soccer, pottery and among more gifts.

The idea was brought about by Mubiru David (Daddy Mazzina), who saw a need in the community among disadvantaged but talented children around him and due to the fact that he was assisted to reach where he was by then he thought of using his talent and that was dance and drama to serve the community using God given gifts through dance and other dramatic arts, he hoped to help many earn a living, become self reliant and the assisted one would intern give a hand to others who need the same assistance in the community.

He was later on joined by Male Branks and Kanonya Edward who felt that their efforts may be helpful in meeting different needs in the community still through the use of different gifts of children from hopeless and disadvantaged families.

And therefore, a non-organization was put in place to forgo the above aims, addressing other community challenges with joint efforts, and it was to be operating as Wakiso Dance kids Foundation.

To empower and mobilize vulnerable talented children.

To use our different gifts to reach out to more vulnerable communities regardless of social, Economics or Political differences so as to create a society where everyone is living an affair and self reliant livelihood.

To offer an alternative career path and source of livelihood to children through utilizing God given gifts.


To discover and develop children’s talents and skills.

To mold children into innovative and self-sustaining future citizens.

To offer full accommodation to homeless and street children.

To offer guidance and counseling in different aspects including HIV/ AIDS

To initiate collaboration with different organization for joint efforts

To offer soft loans to young people, elderly, single mothers, people

HIV, disabled to help them start small scale businesses.

Outreaches to various communities
Adult dance classes
Art and Craft
Team building
Exchange visits
Dramatic performances