With analyses, opinions and predictions about the shows and the artists themselves dominating the entertainment and social media recently, Pallaso’s elder brother Jose Chameleone has also chimed in to offer his own perspective.

Looking back at Pallaso’s start in the music industry, Chameleone told reporters at a rehearsal session ahead of the Lugogo Love Fest concert, that the ‘Mpa Love’ singer, like many upcoming artists, was not that good.

He recalled that in one recording session, he was so frustrated with his little brother’s composition that he told him to quit music altogether.

“He (Pallaso) came a lot in the studio trying to record songs, but back then music was very competitive and I was recording every other day. So giving space to someone else to record, I needed that person to use that space appropriately,” Chameleone said.

One time he was recording and I kept telling him to change this and that but it was still not perfect; I got so frustrated and told him to quit music and go do carpentry,” recalled the Valu Valu singer.

I just told him, ‘ you might actually be a better carpenter, than musician.”

Chameleone added, however, that this was only intended to encourage young Pallaso to do better.

“I used to make these kinds of remarks to all the other young artists, the likes of AK 47 and Weasel because I was trying to get the best out of them.”

Commenting on the approaching concerts, Chameleone said there was no harm in holding them on the same day, adding that even he once had a parallel show with King Saha and they both sold out.

I think everyone has got their own people; the good thing is that Pallaso is not at Freedom City; he is at Lugogo. So, those who are with him should come to Lugogo and the fans of Alien Skin should go to Freedom City.”

Regarding the fight between the two artistes on May 30th, Chameleone said it also caught him by surprise because Pallaso is known in their family as the calmest person.

“When I saw the video I didn’t judge him and I also didn’t judge Allien Skin. I think it was all just bad timing, but the good thing is he apologized to the people and his fellow artiste,” he added.