Following reports of legendary singer Jose Chameleone battling illness in the United States of America, his father, Gerald Mayanja, has come forward to confirm the news.

In an interview with Galaxy TV’s Florah Show, Gerald Mayanja verified that Chameleone is indeed bedridden and recently underwent surgery.

Mayanja revealed that his son has been struggling with a stomach-related illness for several months and decided to undergo an operation while in America.

“Yes, he is currently bedridden and receiving treatment. His illness has been plaguing him for months, causing severe stomach pain, which worsened during his time in America,” he shared.

Similarly, Humphrey Mayanja, Chameleone’s elder brother, reveals he also underwent surgery over stomach complications. Via his Facebook page, Humphrey reveals that while traveling to Boston, he kept falling asleep and having intermittent fevers.

Upon eventually arriving home and having some rest, he developed severe stomach pain and he could not even walk or eat.

He was then taken to the hospital by his friend where he was diagnosed and advised to have immediate surgery.

“This is not a pleasant picture. I didn’t take it. But while at Schiphol airport I kept falling asleep and waking up to intermittent fevers. I didn’t feel well and I have never felt like that before. The flight was delayed but after 10 hrs of lay over I was finally on flight to Logan airport. I got home safe(or so I thought). I got some rest but when I woke up I realized that my stomach was inflating itself every 5 mins. This was so painful that I could not walk or eat anything. ‘My Best friend’ decided to drive me to the ER, I got diagnosed and a decision was made that I be retained for further analysis. They immediately inserted a Nasogastric tube(very irritating process) inside me. Believe me or not basokoola kakika mu lubuto nange n’entya. Anyway it all ended in surgery,” he posted on his Facebook wall.