Martha Mukisa is back again fully charged! She’s hitting all the right notes, grooving to the right tunes. And in this video, she makes a come out, although one dulled by a budget on the rocks.

Martha Mukisa has a new song dubbed ‘Ndoozako’ and it’s visuals are ready too! It’s a video that’s purely made, crafted and saved by Martha. Everything is right about this video, the costuming, Martha has a seamless change from one to another. The lighting is topnotch, it is a blend of the vintage spring. And the locations change just as one would wish.

One is bound to fall in love with this video, purely for its relatability, the simplicity of the characters and the ability to form that bond. It’s in this simplicity that’s driven by circumstances, that one is able to find a sweet spot for this video.

Watch Ndoozako video below;