If you had been searching for some serious jam to kick start your fresh week, then Martha Mukisa got you covered with ‘Exam’.

In fact, ‘Exam’ might be the calm before the storm, Martha is to unleash this year but it won’t leave you seated.

It is conceptualised to keep you engaged to the end. Not that it is a big spender video, on the contrary, it is as lean as they get.

It is scripted around a babe willing to do it all in the name of love. In this jam, Martha Mukisa crafted lyrics about herself, bragging about having all ingredients one should die for. It is a love that is overcoming all odds, but in a comical fashion.

The dances will crack you up and get you cranking, they are cut to the right scenes. Not too much before the video falls into an abyss of comedy.

You will enjoy the video and long to re-watch it. And then get the lyrics ringing in your head as the scenes replay in the mind.

Watch the video;