Classy socialite, Zari Hassan has once again demonstrated her lavish affection for her kids as she presents her firstborn son, Pinto Ntale, with a luxurious gift on his 20th birthday.

The young Ntale will now be cruising around in style as he receives the keys to a brand new Mercedes Benz worth millions.

“Congrats on your 20th,” Zari proudly conveyed her wishes to Pinto.

Celebrating this milestone in his life, Zari took to social media to express her love for her son.

“Happy birthday Pinto Tlale. Dude, you don’t seem to be a fan of single shots… love you kido,” she wrote, showering him with affection.

Pinto is the official heir to Ivan Ssemwanga’s properties.

In January 2020, a family meeting held in Kayunga District Nakaliro village officially designated him as the rightful successor to his late father’s assets.

This isn’t the first time Zari Hassan has showcased her generosity towards her son.

In November 2022, she gifted him a brand new iPhone 14 Pro Max.

Beyond lavish gifts, Zari Hassan has also nurtured her son’s growth in the professional sphere.

In January 2022, she appointed Pinto Ntale as the new Junior Executive Director at Brooklyn City College, a bold move that underlines her confidence in his abilities and leadership potential.

Reflecting on her family’s journey, Zari has been open about her children’s role in her romantic relationships.

In July 2023, she shared that her kids had reservations about her relationship with Shakib Cham, her current partner.

“My children did not approve of my relationship with Shakib but after witnessing how close we were and happy, they asked him to ensure that he takes good care of me.”

When asked about her husband’s financial contribution to their relationship, Zari said that financial matters were not her primary concern.

Instead, she emphasized the importance of peace and happiness in their union.