For another year, Prophet Elvis Mbonye delivered a powerful message to over 15,000 remnants, including prominent dignitaries and international gospel artists during the Honour Day Celebrations at Zoe Grounds.

This year’s core of Prophet Elvis’s message revolved around the “sure word of prophecy.” He described his insight into the upcoming season, predicting that nations and people would increasingly come under the spiritual radar.

The prophet said the nations often fail to comprehend the underlying forces behind world events because they lack “the surer word of prophecy.”

The Prophet described a world with two distinct agendas: one from the Kingdom of Heaven and another from the Kingdom of Darkness arguing that these agendas manifest in the political, economic, and social realms, often disguised as everyday activities.

Prophet Elvis also talked about recent global crises, such as the pandemic and climate change. He asserted that his prophetic insight had foreseen these events years ago. He warned that hidden agendas were at play, unbeknownst to many leaders who lacked a connection to the prophetic voice.

In his ministering, Prophet Elvis referenced the Bible verse 2 Peter 1:16-19, where he emphasized the importance of credible witnesses in matters of faith asserting that his ministry, and those aligned with it, are eyewitnesses of the majesty of the Lord Jesus Christ. “We do not intend to theorize about this God, but to demonstrate the authenticity of His supremacy,” Mbonye said.

The Honour Day Celebrations also featured notable attendees, including Kenyan Senator Isaac Mwaura, Head of Secretariat of President William Ruto Council of Advisers Ann Lagat, and Members of Parliament from Ghana.

Other distinguished guests included the Mayor of Entebbe Municipality Fabrice Brad Rulinda and Pastor Simeon Kayiwa.

International Gospel artist Paul Wilbur, renowned DJ Son of Nations, rap sensation Ruyonga, and Zoe Melodies also graced the event.

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