At the end of last week, Karole Kasita visited the Wembley Mo Foundation where she took foodstuff, gave bursaries to some of the dance crew members courtesy of Victoria University, and pledged to renovate their dance floor.

The singer who is gearing up for her major Checkecha Concert this Friday at UMA Multi Purpose Hall has done another charity drive to help former prostitutes.

Through the help of Bolingo Extra, Karole Kasita visited Zoe Mentorship, a home where former prostitutes are mentored and taught to work instead of selling their bodies.

She donated foodstuff to help in the smooth running of the organization and also pledged to keep helping them whenever possible.

Unlike most artists who pledge to do charity drives after their Concerts, Karole Kasita has chosen to stand out and do the drives before her Concert that is set to go down this Friday!

Watch the video below.