Rema disappears in Bobi Wine’s masculine chest

On Friday crooner King Saha pulled off one of the most attended concerts at Hotel Africana… and yes, there is so much we noticed, both on the stage and in the audience! 

For this particular story, we are choosing to focus on what happened in the fully packed audience, where the likes of Bobi Wine, and many other musicians were chilling as they enjoyed King Saha’s magical voice.

Bobi Wine, who claimed to have cut his diaspora trip short to come and show some love to Saha, of course stole the show without stepping on to the stage.

His appearance was massively felt as he grabbed the attention soon after he stepped into the building.

The People Power champ, donning a snow-white suit -in company of his friend and artist, Nubian Li and his security detail led by Eddy Mutwe- made his way into the VVIP section and boom, and songstress, Rema Namakula couldn’t just remain seated.

Rema excitedly stood up and passionately hugged Bobi Wine, disappearing into his masculine chest! Interestingly, Rema’s ex-boyfriend Eddy Kenzo, was seated at just arm’s distance, noticeably, stone-faced!

We have the video!

On the revelers side, some of the celebrated figures that came to support King Saha, included Hanson Baliruno, Eddy Kenzo, businessman Godfrey Kirumira and the actress Evelyn Namulondo.