Rema‘s sweetheart, Hamza Ssebunya elated after having a chat with Sevo in the State House

In Uganda today, meeting the Fountain of Honour, Gen. Tibuhaburwa Museveni a.k.a Sevo, is like meeting someone who will chase poverty out your clan.

Y’all must have heard stories of the likes of Full Figure, Bebe Cool, Catherine Kusasira, Bajjo, Ashburg Katto and many others, who have had an opportunity to dine with Sevo, reveal their financial woes and drink from his cup of wisdom. They all claim to have not remained the same, at least, both morally and financially.

We guess, songstress, Rema’s sweetheart, Hamza Ssebunya has had the weight of his problems halved too, after meeting the charming and loaded yellow bus driver at the State House.

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Hamza, together with a group of India-based entrepreneurs, met and held talks with Sevo and discussed investment plans that will apparently, position Uganda as a gateway to Africa through investments in environmentally friendly Industrial Parks.

In a video uploaded on Ben – LIVE YouTube channel, Hamza, smoking hot in a black suit, is all smiles as he nods his head in agreement to whatever Sevo is saying.

Apparently, after Sevo’s address, he treated Hamza and his colleagues to a delicious meal before they left. He promised to meet them again in the near future.

Watch the video below as Hamza rubs shoulders with Sevo.