Over the weekend Big Size Bebe Cool’s mum celebrated her 82nd birthday and yes indeed, the star singer made it even more memorable for her.

The Gagamel boss dug deep into his pocket and purchased a sleek Mercedes Benz for his mum, a gift that left her at loss for words!

The Germany-made machine is valued at UGX 180M!

One might want to burst the bubble with claims that the gift came a bit late but Bebe’s love for his mum has always been urivalled. According to sources with Gagamel camp, the mum already had wheels but but the son just wanted to upgrade her packing lot

Close friends, family, and relatives gathered to offer their prayers and well wishes, as well as present various gifts to mark this significant milestone.

During her speech, Bebe Cool’s mother expressed her deep gratitude towards her son for his kind heart and the generous gift of a car.

She spoke of the love and support she had received from her children and thanked God for allowing her to witness her grandchildren grow and thrive.

Her words were filled with emotion, as she reflected on the blessings in her life and the joy that her family had brought her.