There is a video doing rounds on X of Azawi teaming up with the late Mowzey Radio on her recent Masavu song.

The song seems believable by the way the verses were marched up and this has created debate on how that was made possible.

Some people reached an extent of even saying Azawi is one of the artiste with Radio’s unreleased songs but the Swangz Avenue artiste has come out to clear the air, attributing this whole fracas to someone known as Shartel. She says Shartel used Artificial Intelligence (AI) to mix things up and she does not have any song with the late Goodlyfe artiste or has the hard drive as people have started saying.

“After we had released the Masavu song on YouTube, it did not even take an hour before I started getting notifications that I had stolen Mowzey Radio’s song and everyone thinks I have his hard drive and there is no way you can explain it to Ugandans that this is AI and I am not the first artiste to be mixed up in all this,” Azawi said.

She added that while Shartel might be doing this for fun, it might end up killing someone’s credibility in the process.