Artificial intelligence (AI) is more than just a hot topic, or data-driven tool­—it’s not only changing Uganda but the world in unexpected ways. In simplest terms, AI combines computer science and robust datasets to enable problem-solving. The use of AI has exploded in the past year, even in creative industries like music.

Artists as big as The Beatles have already experimented with artificial intelligence. The band’s last “new” song “Now And Then” was created using AI to bring an unreleased demo recording by the late John Lennon to life.

Back here in Uganda, we have had AI generated songs from Ghetto star, Alien Skin, trend on TikTok and fans are appreciating the art. The beauty of it is that it not only fine tunes an artist like Alien Skin’s weird voice and makes him sing R&B but also, it virtually secures him a collabo with any artist, dead or alive.

Just imagine the late legendary crooner, Mowzey Radio coming back to life with an exciting collabo, ‘Masavu’, featuring Swangz Avenue star, Azawi. The song seems believable by the way the verses were marched up and this has since created debate on how that was made possible.

To be precise enough, a huge section of the music lovers online somewhat think that Azawi is one of the artists with Radio’s unreleased songs (Masavu inclusive), something she and her management strongly deny. They attribute the whole fracas to someone known as Eyo Shata. Azawi says Eyo Shata used AI to mix things up and she does not have any song with the late Goodlyf crooner.

“After we had released the Masavu song on YouTube, it did not even take an hour before I started getting notifications that I had stolen Mowzey Radio’s song and everyone thinks I have his hard drive and there is no way you can explain it to Ugandans that this is AI and I am not the first artiste to be mixed up in all this,” Azawi stresses.

She added that while Shata might be doing this for fun, it might end up killing someone’s credibility in the process.

Now, with the AI generated ‘Masavu’ audio already becoming a small stone in Azawi’s shoe, the video is already out.

Check it out below;