You are all most welcome to the celebration of the golden boys and girls in our midst, who left an indelible mark on the just concluded 13th All Africa Games in Accra, Ghana. The gov’t, the custodians of the game the Uganda Rugby Union, the media, the fans and all Ugandans in your respective capacities, you are all most welcome.

The feat:
On top of the two Gold medals, that the teams finished the tournament unbeaten was surreal. It was a feat of gigantic proportions. We all know of a club whose fans never let us forget about its unbeaten feat. This is how special the unbeaten records are. And for this to happen the first time rugby is incorporated in the All Africa Games, begs for a toast.

Therefore, in appreciation of these feats, Nile Special the No.1 fan of Uganda Rugby and partner of the Uganda Rugby Union has extended a token of appreciation to the boys and girls.

Particularly for the women, this was no flash in the pan. They have registered top four finishes in the opening two 7s Challenger Series of 2024, in Dubai and Montevideo, Uruguay. They finished third in the Rugby Africa Women 7s 2023 in Tunisia, and won the 2023 Safari 7s in Kenya.
The boys too have been on an upward surge. They won the Rugby Africa 7s in 2022, won the Bowl at the World Cup in 2022, and finished 3rd in the 2023 edition in Zimbabwe.

We are glad that we have been part of this journey thus far. For many of the international tournaments, such as the;
▪ Rugby Africa Men 7s 2023 in Zimbabwe
▪ Rugby Africa Women 7s 2023 in Tunisia,
▪ The Safari 7s in Kenya
▪ The 7s Challenger series in Dubai,
Nile Special facilitated journalists and fans to follow and support the teams.

But much credit should also be reserved for the Uganda Rugby Union, and by extension the gov’t, for the focused strategy that seeks to develop all facets of the game; both boys and girls. To ensure consistent top performances in any team sport, it takes meticulous strategic planning by the respective administration. This is because for team sports, an entire unit of players is expected to perform at the top level. And this can only be achieved with a highly focused administration.

The media, your passion to follow the teams and offer constructive analyses cannot be underestimated. You have and continue to play a crucial role in uplifting the image of the game across the country.

The fans, we cannot thank you enough. You have set the benchmark for the rest of Africa by standing with the teams through thick and thin. Your approach and support during every game as if it is a final is unmatched.

The fruits of this all-round commitment that we are celebrating today. Nile Special, a brand Unmatched in Gold, salutes the men and women Rugby 7s sides for a golden performance.