Mc Kats was ditched by his ‘baby mama’ Fille almost a year ago and in what seemed to be a potential relationship reconciliation a few days ago was cut short by Fille’s admission to rehab.

However, the NBS presenter has not given up on promoting the singer’s career. He pushes her music like no other. His whatsapp friends are a testimony of his hardwork. “In a day, he can send like 100 whatsapp broadcast messages about Fille. His status update always has like 100 status updates all about Fille.” One of them informed them. The same behaviour is reflected on social media where he is always posting his Mama Baby.

However, our sources have informed us that Fille’s family doesn’t want Fille to associate with the lover anymore but she insists on rekindling their love soon after leaving rehab because she knows the power he has to revive her fading career.

Now because of this, the family has reportedly set tough conditions for the reunion. The same source has told this website that the family insists that the reunion will only happen if Kats revives Fille’s career even in her absence.

They have insisted that she must abide by the family’s wishes and do as expected, nothing is ever going to happen again so the hard work is intended  to impress Fille’s family.