MC Ollo, shocked his followers after he narrated a shocking story through his X page. According to the media personality, a female student from Makerere University Business School drugged and used him.

In his confession, this student resided at Akamwesi hostel in Nakawa. All he remembers is he woke up in this girl’s room feeling exhausted.

The girl prepared a heavy breakfast for him and thanked him for the job well done. However, he couldn’t remember anything.

MC Ollo just went to the hospital for checkups and all the required conditions to make sure that he was safe. From there he learned his lesson and stopped doing TV interviews in Nakawa.

“A MUBS babe at Akamwesi Hostel once used me. She drugged me, I woke up in her hostel room, exhausted, then she gave me heavy breakfast Mbu “that was crazy”. I couldn’t remember and I kept it to myself and went to the hospital. I stopped doing TV interviews from hostels. And I even stopped the hostel parties I was doing at that time. I fear Nakawa now,” he posted.

Shockingly though, a majority of his followers didn’t sympathize with him. Most asked for directions and revealed that they were going to shift and start living in Nakawa since they want the same ordeals to befall him.

He personally didn’t feel sympathetic towards himself as he seemed to enjoy what happened to him. This is because of the way he was replying to those commenting on the confession.