Mc Kats is tired of keeping some of his secrets under wraps. For all the years he’s been on top of his game, living in the limelight, he wants to inspire thousands by telling his story of how he fetched HIV/AIDS from a big bummed woman.

The self-knighted King of The Mic, who is dedicating his remaining life on earth to championing a massive campaign against the spread of HIV/AIDS, is already visiting schools, attending conferences, and using his empowering platforms to talk about the dangers of HIV.

Now, he is set to make an even bigger step by revealing how his love for bearded meat contaminated his blood.

As he is closer to reaching the 4th floor, MC Kats has decided to reveal how he landed himself in the trap of a drop-dead gorgeous babe, who stained his blood. However, according to him, his revelation is not for people to feel pity for him but to help parents watch over their kids and the youths out there.

“Hi, this is MC Kats aka King of the Mic. I am going to tell a story about how I got HIV but at the same time, the story is supposed to help a parent out there watch out for their child, help a fellow young boy out there know how these things happen, or probably give you a hint and you avoid it,” he said in a video clip.

Kats also added that this will give hope to the young ones who are already infected and get hope and dreams to chase.

“This is also meant to help anybody out there who is affected and infected with HIV and to show them that life goes on. You still have hope, you still have dreams to chase. I think I have had this disease for 12/13 years while still being on top of my game.”

Mc Kats will be revealing this information on his Mc Kats Foundation YouTube Channel this week.