Over the weekend, renown city events Edrine Katamba aka MC Kats checked self into Butabika rehabilitation hospital.

Accompanied with close pal, DJ Baby Love he reminded fans through his Facebook live that no one forced him to seek for medical attention but rather he did it willingly.

However, as soon as he accessed the facility, doctors took away his bitter drink since patients are restricted from getting drunk. This seemingly rubbed him a wrong way as he there and then vowed to run away from the rehab.

“I was told i will be leaving this place within 3 days but if am i get tired I will leave immediately and no one will stop me. Let wait and see what they do to me but no body is going to force me to do anything am not stupid. This issue of taking away my beer…”, he said

Check it out;

MC kats taken to Rehab at Butabika…..

Posted by ENEWS Uganda on Sunday, January 12, 2020


A close friend confirmed to us that MC Kats had indeed checked himself into Butabika Hospital and will be there for a few days or even a month depending on his condition.

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