By Bash Mutumba

From early 2017, the B2C soldiers proved that they were a new force in the Ugandan Music Battlefield. With their song “Gutamiiza”, a collaboration with self-proclaimed dynamic duo Radio and Weasel, all ‘doubting Thomas’s’ who had professed that the trio would be a one-hit-wonder after Tokigeza were forced to eat their words.

After their instantaneous rise to fame, brands started scrambling for a piece of the boy-band. As tax collectors Uganda Revenue Authority (URA), took them on as brand ambassadors, rumour started having it that they were bound to land a mega deal with Telecom Company, Airtel Uganda.

In a brief interview with me at the Galaxy FM offices in Kansanga, the boys confirmed to me that they,
“Of course expect a deal with a telecom company. I cannot confirm anything right now, since we deal with very big brands, but I can tell you there’s a lot on board.” Said Mr. Lee, sweet-voiced part of the trio.

It is always a good feeling when young, talented men prosper. We wish the B2C soldiers all the best in their upcoming deals.