Did you know which Ugandan celebrities can actually move things on social media? We have compiled a list of those people who command a good following on the three most popular Social Media Platforms, ie Facebook and Instagram .

Uganda internet statistics

Population: 42.8 million people (2017)
Internet Users: 19 million (As of June 2018)
Social Media Users: 2.6 Million (Based on Facebook statistics, March 2018)

Because Facebook is the most popular social media network, by far, its the perfect estimate for social media users in most countries.

How are we measuring the popularity and influence?

For popularity, we are just going to be loo at the number of Facebook Page Likes or followers on Instagram and Twitter.

For influence, we will be looking at likes per post on Facebook and Instagram or Tweet likes on Tweeter.

We will also look at average post or tweet likes. This will be done by looking and the last 10 posts or tweets and how many likes they have and then divide by 10. In short, online influence isn’t necessarily the number of page likes or followers. Its about comments, likes and share. Its the only way of knowing who many people actually respond when you post.

We are first going to analyze celebrities on a platform by platform basis. We will look at how each one performs on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter separately and then we add the results to get the overall online performance.

YouTube,Twitter and Snapchat excluded

We excluded YouTube in the general celebrities comparison because some celebrities, such as presenters, media personalities, etc. do not have YouTube content. It would unfairly tip the balance in favor of artists .

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For Snapchat, it hasn’t gained enough popularity with Ugandans to give any meaningful numbers. Other less popular social media

1- Facebook – Top 10 Ugandan Pages

1 Anne Kansiime 1,896,886
2 Juliana Kanyomozi 1,136,811
3 Eddy Kenzo 1,126,730
4 Bobi Wine 1,030,197
5 Rema 1,002,512
6 Bebe Cool 643,345
7 Jose Chameleone 580,072
8 Sheebah 438,147
9 A Pass 435,324
10 Faridah Nakazibwe 441,773

Facebook data as of October 10, 2019

2- Instagram – Top 10 Ugandan Accounts

1 Zari (The Boss Lady) 6,400,000
2 Eddy Kenzo 701000
3 Jose Chameleone 698,999
4 Sheebah 560000
5 Winnie Nwagi 500,oo0
6 Betinah Tianah 495,000
7 Anita Fabiola 485,000
8 Irene Ntale 479,000
9 Rema 476,000
10 Juliana Kanyomozi 429,000