Recently, a top FUFA official known as Moses saw his juggling games throw two of his victims to the battlefield for failing to agree who actually enjoyed his big cassava most.

In a move to win bragging rights, one of the Victims known as Tina issued an intention to sue document to a one Arena who was reportedly ignored by the boss Moses because of the former’s juicy ‘sumbie’ as she usually claims.

It is at this juncture that we have decided to exclusively expose the different babes that have tasted Moses’s cassava undercover over the years.


She is a top musician in the country. She recently survived the renting and sources say Moses had a hand in this victory. The same sources claim she often entertains in her bedroom at that particular house.


She works with a top city TV. She is always on the plane and abroad for holiday but her job wouldn’t even afford to foot her airtime bills. They say Moses is the man behind this magic.


She is currently fighting with Tina over Moses’s cassava. Their battle is not as easy as it seems because the latter is investing in a lot of cash in order to win the bragging rights.


She is one of the top musicians in the country. She has been close to Moses for a long time. She has on so many occasions been spotted with him.


Anitah was a target for every thirsty dude in town during her prime. There was no way she could have survived Moses. Sources have revealed to us that she was harvested at one of the top hotels in Nateete.

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She is one of the most waterlogged ladies in the country. Our source has revealed to us that Moses paid huge sums of money to drink some of her water.