A few days ago, Bebe Cool openly said his son would have a music career breakthrough this year.

Jose Chameleone jumped on board and offered a free collaboration to uplift his career but Bebe Cool has trashed the offer and said his son doesn’t need a hand from the self-proclaimed music doctor to have a breakthrough. “Thank you, my comrade, Jose Chameleon for your offer to my son Allan Hendrick.

But with due respect, every man has a way they bring up their children, and as for me, I choose to bring them up so as they are self-dependent, not to depend on their parents.

It’s ok for them to make use of the opportunities that surround their parents like you are saying you can do a song with him though I wouldn’t advise him to do that song with you NOW because you are too big compared to him which would make no sense for an upcoming artist like him.

Allow him to go through his baby steps as they teach him much more than what the eyes and ears enjoy so that he can for sure be ready to stand alone against this hush world.” He posted

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