NBS TV chief Kin Kariisa has spoken out for the first after a tweet from a pseudo account pranked Faridah Nakazibwe.

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In a tweet from someone impersonating Kariisa, Nakazibwe is asked to name her price so she could join NBS TV.

“…What is your price to get you on my Team Asap??”, it reads.

The bootilicious news anchor refuses to get tempted as she quickly responds;

” I am so priceless. My loyalty is everything. Meanwhile #NtvMixShow ojiwulira?”.

And now Kin Kariisa the original has also added his voice to clear the air if indeed he wants to snatch Nakazibwe from NTV.

In his retweet, Kariisa argues his fans and followers to snub fake accounts spreading falsehood.

“Leave fake accounts.. created by fake people. #FightFakeNews”.


In the recent past, the Kamwokya based station has snatched the likes of Douglas Lwanga, MC Kats, Zahara Totto, Anatalia Oze, Hatima Nalugwa among others from NTV from using money.