Last week i heard one of my beautiful neighbors shout on top of her voice; “I feel like ‘gassing’, ‘kasita’ my boyfriend is not around”.

I was left in shock after hearing such a seemingly ‘stupid’ and at the same time hilarious statement from a young stunning babe! Being a guy who is so much into ‘senseless’ research, i picked interest and had to sit her down the next day for some real jazz.

Of course i first beat around the bush and finally cornered her to the real topic i wanted and boom! She revealed almost every crazy thing she and her fellow babes do while alone in the house.

Below is a long list of some of the secrets she told me… i have filtered and left out some too.

1.Farting loudly

2.Walking naked around the house

3. Commando style (no pants)

4. Staying in the night dress the whole day 

5. Eating direct from the saucepan using serving spoon

6. Working out..doing you yoga and stretching

7. Licking the spoon instead of washing it

8. Wiping kitchen floor using kitchen clothes

9. Bathing in the kitchen sink

10. Jazzing with their side boyfriends on phone.

11. Drinking a whole 2ltrs soda direct from the bottle without using straw or a glass

12. Picking and eating pieces of meat and French fries which has fallen

13. Chewing the paper used in wrapping queen-cake

14. Licking the yogurt box

15. Twerking in front of a mirror

16. Trying out new attires 

17. Shaving and pulling

18. Taking nudes

19. Back biting their boyfriends on whatsApp

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