Martha Kay is well known for living a luxurious lifestyle. She impresses on social media making haters jealous.

The social media comedian Martha Kay Kagimba could have eaten enough of chicken and currently craving a combination of chapatti and beans commonly known as ‘Kikomando’. “I’m acting natural.. but I’m really craving chapati and beans.” She tweeted.

Her craving has excited dudes on social media who in turn have asked the bootylicious host of Club Pilsner Home Concert forcing them to beg her to serve them some beans once she lands on the ‘Kikomando’. “We want some of those beans once you get your share. Please serve us. We are also starving.” A one Misterboldwoood replied.

This came shortly after Martha Kay opened up on being ready to be adopted by media personality Crystal Newman  so that she doesn’t have to suffer anymore with what to eat.”Dear Crystal A Newman, please adopt me for just 14 days. I will carry my own toilet paper and bathing soap. You guys need to see her IG stories and the yummy food she cooks every day. I’m safaling over heyaaa!”- She tweeted.